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Bringing God’s Will to Decision Making
September 29, 2012

Marshall Vian Summers is God’s prophet and messenger for this God's Will in your Decision Makingmillennium. He brings a new revelation from God at a time of impending global crisis. He brings a new spirituality for human civilization at risk of collapse.

Humanity faces six converging catastrophes that constitute the global crisis known as the Great Waves of change :

  • Changing climate and violent weather
  • Scarcity of food, energy and clean water
  • Loss of biodiversity and environmental degradation
  • Contraction of the global economy
  • Increased social disorder, violence and resource wars
  • E.T. intervention–in fact a silent alien invasion

The new revelation Summers has received tells us that you and I were born to serve the world in this time of global crisis. We were sent from our Ancient Home–the spirit world, if you will–to contribute our spiritual gifts to a world in need.

Central to the New Message from God is “Knowledge”, the deeper intelligence within each of us that remains connected to God. In the Christian faith, Knowledge equates to Holy Spirit. Quakers call it the Inner Light or the Light Within. The New Thought movement calls it the Christ Consciousness. Some call it inner knowing, self-knowledge or direct knowing.

Knowledge can manifest as deep conscience, intuition, instinct and insight, but it is deeper than all these things. Knowledge is an inner guide in decision making, a voice, a presence, a feeling–but much greater than all of this. Knowledge is the part of God that lives inside you. Knowledge is wholly unified, so Knowledge within you is in perfect harmony with everyone else on Earth, and even with all intelligent life in the universe. There is no “my Knowledge” and “your Knowledge”.

Have you ever felt Knowledge in decision making? Have you tried to make a commitment but been restrained by a deep feeling within? Walking down the aisle at your wedding and you just know that this isn’t the right marriage, and this is confirmed to you decades later, perhaps, after children and lost years? Knowledge can save your life, save you from wasted decades, save you from costly and tragic error.

Knowledge involves itself in your life and in your decision making because Knowledge needs your contribution to the world. Knowledge is on a mission, and it is trying to move you. It is calling to you to be a part of the movement of redemption, reunion and restoration in the universe. As the global crisis of the Great Waves of change unfold, Knowledge will be the calling of peace, unity, cooperation, contribution, compassion, patience and resilience.

The revelation from God that Marshall Vian Summers brings is calling for you and me to bring our decision making to Knowledge, to that deeper mind within us, so that Knowledge can bless the world, to reach from person to person, to reclaim the separated.