It’s all good
June 9, 2010

Many would say that everything happens for a reason, that it all turns out for the best, that what must be will be.

The New Message from God seems to say otherwise. Things didn’t have to turn out the way that they are today. The poverty, the environmental decline, the permanent loss of so many species, the wars, the suffering, the struggle: it didn’t have to be this way.

The future that the human family faces together is not written. We will determine whether and how the collapse of our environment, our economies, our social structures, and our nations occur. Things could go many ways.

As the people of earth face global unrest, environmental decline, energy scarcity, food deprivation, and shortages of fresh water, the future is in our hands. God doesn’t govern our world. God doesn’t control what goes on here. We face forces of nature. We face the consequence of human history. We face the results of our own actions. And we face interference from other intelligent races from the universe.

God has placed within the heart of each person Knowledge, a deeper mind, a connected mind, a mind that truly knows the will of the Creator and the resolution to our many problems. This is the answer to our prayers for deliverance. It has already been given to us.

So as we face a difficult future, we don’t have to make it okay. We don’t have to look out on suffering and conflict and justify it in the name of a meddling God, a cruel God, a negligent God. God has sent the solution and it’s in you. No miracles, no magic. Just the most powerful force in the Universe, and it lies dormant in your heart, waiting for you to find it and build a bridge to it in your experience.

Allow Knowledge to take root in your life. Let your actions flow from its direction. Let it bless you with its grace. It is your connection to the divine, and in a world of so much tragedy and need, it is the one thing that is all good.


Dire Need
June 8, 2010

The human family faces two unprecedented challenges.

  1. The overuse and destruction of the earth’s natural resources: we face global deprivation of energy, food and fresh water. Desparate conflict over what remains has us teetering at the brink of global civilization collapse.
  2. Alien takeover: quietly and insidiously, extraterrestrial forces are working to wrest control of our planet while we compete and fight with each other. They have been working at this for over six decades, manipulating leaders and building alliances.

Without a new message from God, we would assuredly fall in the face of one or both of these great challenges, descending into violence and chaos and/or becoming a client state enslaved by extraterrestrial masters whose rule would be harsh and exacting.

We still may face such a bleak future. But through Marshall Summers, God’s emmisary for this time, God has sent a new message, a blessing, a preparation, a warning, a calling, a redemption.

Thus God intervenes: not with a magic hand, not with frogs and pestilence, nor glowing light and healing: God sends an empowerment of the highest order.

God has blessed us with the Knowledge and the perspective we need to face and overcome the great obstacles before us all, so that we may discover and develop our gifts, and contribute them, to a world and even a galaxy in need of great, great blessing.