The Rich Must Take Care of the Poor
December 3, 2010

…and the poor must take care of each other.

So says the New Message from God. It’s not just an ethical position or the demands of a social commentator or political worldview. God’s message for this time says that the rich must take care of the poor.

The world as a whole cannot afford so big a disparity between the rich and poor. In a sense it’s a matter of global security. As the great waves of change approach there aren’t enough resources to enforce the wealth imbalance, or to power the conflicts that arise. Cooperation costs less and given what is coming, the Earth’s resources are needed.

Humanity is still growing in numbers, while the climate destabilizes, making food and water harder to come by. The potential for war and violence is gargantuan.

And what an opportunity for Extraterrestrial intruders: humanity divided, hungry, desperate, at war with itself, despairing of our ability to work together and live in peace. “Won’t someone save us from ourselves?!” As everyone gets poorer, the extremes of wealth and poverty cannot be afforded. We could lose everything.

How do we do it, though? How must I take care of the poor? I ask myself sometimes. My contributions all go to the New Message, and I Know that is right for me as a person of the New Message.

I’ve heard stories of families taking in other families during the Great Depression–that’s a possibility. I can see that happening as times get harder. But how else? Cut my consumption further and find more money to give? Send it to non-profits? Give it to local families?

What do you think? How must you take care of the poor? I welcome your insights.


The Age of Peace
September 23, 2010

People want peace. We wish for an end to war, to violence and to oppression. We hope for a more just and peaceful future. We may even expect a more just and peaceful future — an Age of Peace.

But the Age of Peace is coming to an end. As fraught as the last half century has been with violence, poverty, oppression and war, it was probably the most orderly and peaceful episode in history.

But now the storm clouds are building, as political leaders around the world face the need to provide for their nations and groups in a resource-constrained future. The coming decades will see war and conflict escalate throughout the world — war and conflict over food, water, energy.

God has sent a New Message to the world. It warns of the need for cooperation between peoples and nations. It warns of the dire consequences of engaging in resource wars. And it warns you and me to curb our actions and attitudes that require and encourage war, namely denial, over-consumption, and blame.

God’s New Message prepares us to face a world of scarcity, conflict and decline. Hopes and expectations for a peaceful world, a stable world, a just world and an abundant world — these will need to be set aside. Peace is not what’s coming. Change is coming.

Twenty years from now the world will be unrecognizable. Nations will collapse. Economies will collapse. Ecosystems will collapse. This is not the bright future we’ve been hoping for. But it is what’s coming.

The order and relative peace that you and I have enjoyed in recent decades is going to give way to struggle and conflict. How will we cope with this?

According to M.V. Summers, God’s Messenger, there is a boundless source of security and certainty within each of us. God placed it there, and in fact it is our lifeline to the Creator. It’s called Knowledge, and it’s a deeper mind that we each possess.

You may remember it. Perhaps it moved you like intuition, withheld you from a destructive relationship, guided you to take a specific action, or to pursue some endeavor. Maybe you felt it as a sense of purpose, a sense of God’s will in your life.

The New Message is about building our relationship with Knowledge, our relationship with God. This relationship will be the source of your strength and stability as the world grows ever more insecure, as the institutions and assumptions that you depended on begin to crumble.

In abiding with Knowledge within us, in heeding its call to action in our own lives, in following its will, in experiencing its power and presence, here we each can experience the deepest peace, as around us the Age of Peace concludes.