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Faster-than-light neutrinos and interplanetary space travel
September 27, 2011

An experiment by the OPERA collaboration in Italy found accidentally that neutrinos were breaking the speed of light, and thus breaking the law of special relativity. While it’s very possible that the experiment was flawed, there’s also a good chance that the Universe is refusing to obey human physics.

It reminds me of the revelation from 2000,  “the Problem of Human Denial,”  addressing the complaint that no extraterrestrial civilizations can reach us, at least not quickly:

You will hear scientists say, “Well, it is not possible for another race to get here given the limitations of travel and speed and so forth.” How presumptuous! Do human beings dare to presume what other nations and cultures have been able to develop over a long period of time? Is the Universe limited by human understanding? Is it not possible that other races could have far surpassed human accomplishment in technology?

God has sent a message to humanity. It was sent here to prepare the people of Earth for contact with a Universe full of life, where competition is fierce among intelligent races of beings for limited resources.

Our naivete is a big risk, accompanied as it is by arrogance, superstition, and a gift for denial. Fortunately, in each of us there is the capacity to discern the truth, to see what is there,  and to know God’s will for our lives.

May enough of us develop that capacity, before it’s too late. And may the New Message from God find its people, those who were sent to find it, to learn it, to share it, and with it contribute to a world in dire need of contribution.